4 Ways Buying A New Home Will Save You Money

new housesWhen looking at houses for sale, sometimes what’s on the market just doesn’t cut it. This is reaffirmed by data from Zillow, which suggests that 48% of buyers are looking for homes for sale that have never before been lived in. There are a few advantages to buying new houses that people in the residential real estate market should know.

  1. Customizable
    Buying a freshly build home means there is likely still time to have additional features put in. This could mean anything from water features to heated tile floors. If construction is wrapping up, talk to the contractors and see what last minute additions they can throw together for you.
  2. Modern Features
    Energy efficiency is a big topic in today’s political world, but even if the environment isn’t among your top concerns, energy efficient furnaces, climate control, windows, and insulation can save you a pretty penny on energy costs. Then there are all the toys that new homes have. FIngerprint garage door locks, solar panels on the roof, flush wall mounted flat screen TVs, any new technology that can make your life easier can be found in new houses.
  3. Warranty
    Many new homes come with a warranty on certain construction based features. That means if something goes wrong within the requisite amount of time the contract provides, you would be entitled to have it fixed free of charge. Check to see what warranties are offered for your potential new home.
  4. Low Maintenance
    Since everything is brand new, it’s all going to work. Moving into an older home almost always involves fixing something. This is a huge reduction in potential costs for the first few years and will give you more time to relax on top of that.

Buying a home can be incredibly difficult. Finding the perfect place to live is practically impossible when looking on the used home market. There will always be a compromise, small or large. New houses change this idea by suggesting that you canhave everything you want in a home. By taking an active role in the construction process, you will be able to specify little things you’d like to see. Besides, you will have a blank slate to build your perfect place to live.