3 Ways Townhomes Have Wonderful Walkability Scores

luxury townhouseA recent Urban Land Institute survey revealed that 50% of respondents ranked walkability as either the top or a high priority in their ultimate choice about where they would want to live. If this describes you, luxury townhomes might be the right place for you. Living in a luxury townhouse gives you access to a large community, with many amenities available within walking distance. Here are some of the reasons a luxury townhouse is more walkable than your average single family home.

  1. Fitness Centers
    It pays dividends having a place to work out no matter where you live. A fitness center that’s right on your property, though, is the last word in convenience. Everybody feels too lazy to go to the gym sometimes, but with exercise equipment just a short walk away, you’ll be in better shape than you have been in years.
  2. Swimming Pools
    Having a public pool is great not only for exercise, but as a fun activity for the whole family. New townhomes with a community pool offer the unique opportunity to get to know your neighbors in a relaxed and happy environment. If you feel like you don’t get the chance to swim as much as you’d like, you will love having a pool within walking distance.
  3. Community Spaces
    If you like being social in general and wish there was a place close to you other than your home itself, community spaces in luxury townhouse complexes are prime. Whether you want to host a casual gathering or just get out of the house, community rooms provide the perfect atmosphere.

Walkability is about convenience. The ability to just pop out of the house and walk to wherever you want, not having to worry about any time commitments. It makes a big difference in your stress levels and in your overall ability to fly by the seat of your pants. Driving where you need to go can feel like a lot of work, especially when walking is quicker. Besides, a community of people that all walk where they need to go will have much more in common. This makes getting to know your neighbors and making new friends easier than ever. Keep this in mind while looking at luxury real estate.

5 Criteria for the Perfect Family Home

luxury townhouseBuying a house is a big step forward in life. It is a decision filled with anxiety, excitement, and happiness. When it comes to buying a new home, there are three reasons cited by millennials that are top influencers in the decision to move. Moving in with a partner or getting married, becoming dissatisfied with their current living space, and plans to increase the size of their family are the biggest factors. Once you have made the decision to move, you will need to find a place that accommodates all of those needs, and then some. Here are a few important home buying criteria that can make or break a home’s desirability.

  1. Walkability

    If you are going to build a family somewhere, it helps when there are activities and transportation within walking distance. This might be a lower priority for some people, but for many, walkability is a make-or-break factor.

  2. Local Schools

    There is nothing more important for people who want to start a family than living in a top-notch school district. Education is the key to future success and forward-thinking parents know this.

  3. Quality

    Instead of purchasing a fixer-upper that might very well end up costing you more money than it’s worth, look into luxury townhomes. Buying a luxury townhouse will not only provide a great place to live, but a great community to live in as well. Luxury homes might initially¬†seem¬†pricey, but with all of the amenities, they often work out to be the best value for money.

  4. Tax Rate

    Sometimes luxury real estate will be taxed more heavily, but this isn’t always the case. Learn about tax rates in your desired are so you can save money for important future events.

  5. Size

    If you plan on starting a family, size does matter. You want to ensure your children have the privacy and space they need to grow up with some independence. Besides, kids take up a lot more room than you might think, so make sure the home you purchase is well equipped to handle a little one (or two).

Whether you plan on living in a luxury townhouse or an older colonial that needs renovation, weigh the pros and cons of the area. Also, make sure to have the house inspected prior to buying. Homeownership is a big commitment to your future, and you should take every precaution to ensure that it’s a good one.