7 Ways Luxury Homes Tick All The Home Buyer Boxes

luxury homesThere are many different considerations to keep in mind when thinking about your first home. School districts, crime rates, and yard space are all important, but they aren’t top priorities. Currently, the most important goals for homebuyers are privacy, family needs, and asset accumulation.

One way people are accomplishing all three at the same time is by buying luxury homes. Here are the top reasons for making this decision.

  1. Inherent Privacy
    Luxury homes are typically built further off the main road in a more private setting. They are also large, have a well landscaped exterior, and provide a buffer from unwanted attention.
  2. Sophisticated Alarm Systems
    One of the features you won’t see new houses without is an alarm system to safeguard your family and possessions.
  3. Better Neighborhoods
    Since luxury real estate is so expensive to build, it is typically only constructed in affluent neighborhoods. Schools are consequently much better due to a higher level of funding.
  4. Land
    One overlooked and increasingly valuable aspect of home ownership is the amount of land included in the property. Land adds development options, is a finite resource, and is highly coveted by real estate companies.
  5. Real Estate as an Investment
    When you buy a home, you are investing in your future. Instead of paying someone else to rent, you are essentially paying yourself every month.
  6. Smart Home Features
    From climate control you can use from your phone to automated lighting, new smart home features make daily life easier and can save you money at the same time.
  7. Resale Value
    Perhaps the best part of buying a luxury home is the resale value. Housing prices historically trend upwards, and always have. Luxury homes are the top end of this market, making them even more likely to hold or exceed the price you bought them for.

There are yet other incentives to buy luxury homes, but these seven benefits show how entering this market can provide privacy, tend to your family’s needs, and provide an on-ramp to more sophisticated asset accumulation. Buying a new home is a big step, but its a step that will carry you in the right direction.